Sunday, January 5, 2014

10 Questions That Scare The Bejeezus Out of Christians

Have you ever seen a Christian backpedal when asked a challenging question? Who am I kidding, of course you have. Maybe you’ve even done it yourself. I know I have. It’s embarrassing when it happens. For that reason, I have a rule about quoting the Bible in my home - You can’t quote it if you can’t find it.

This comes up most often with my oldest daughter, Alura. She likes to use the Bible to combat my wife and my parenting. One time she was frustrated with her chores. She came to me saying, “The Bible says not to overwork your children with chores.”

I smiled and replied, “Really? I did not know that. I’ll make you a deal. If you can show me where the Bible says that, you don’t have to do chores around here any more.” She spent a significant amount of time reading her Bible that evening. It was encouraging, even if she was just doing it to try to get out of doing her chores.

There’s a growing issue with biblical illiteracy today. Each passing generation seems to know less and less about what the Bible says.  My wife and I were chatting about this issue the other night, and we came up with some questions that scare the pants off most Christians. These are what we came up with. Add your own scary questions in the below.

10. “Where in the Bible do you find that verse?”

9. “How could an all loving God allow suffering in the world?”

8. “So you believe I’m going to hell?” or “So the Bible says I’m going to hell?”

7. “Can gay people be Christians?”

6. “What does the Bible say about abortion?”

5. “Where does the Bible say pre-marital sex is wrong?”

4. “Does God predestine people to go to Hell?”

3. “How do you know the Bible is true?”

2. “Is the devil real?”

1. “Why?” - as a followup to most any apologetic statement.


  1. surprisingly enough I had number 9 as a question as well, and for number 7 I believe that they can be Christians seeing as there is nothing wrong with them, their mind is just wired that way.

    1. While they scare a lot of Christians, they are some good questions. Keep searching out those answers. We can get together and chat about these if you'd like.